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Leadership Training Skills: How to Succeed at Leading

Participants will be more successful in achieving the results for which they are accountable and contribute to positive business results.

The successful outcomes of this workshop will be demonstrated by the participants' success in achieving performance development objectives. Participants are re-evaluated at a 90-day post-workshop self-assessment. This post-workshop assessment ensures that goals from the workshop are not only met but are being used on a continued basis. After attending our Leadership Skills Course, you can be assured that you will confidentially lead in a superior fashion.

On-Site Training: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.


At the 90-day post-workshop assessment, participants will have:

  • Demonstrated (on the job) an understanding that the intuitive style of leadership (self-centered, directive) will only work in special circumstances and will have made noticeable improvement in working themselves toward a management leadership style (participatory, empowering)
  • Spent more time "leading and managing" and less time "doing"
  • Used the action planning process to plan and implement at least one important initiative that has a positive impact on business results
  • Used the decision-making technique on the job to arrive at sound decisions that have or will have a positive impact on business results
  • Demonstrated greater ability to function in teamwork situations
  • Developed and successfully used a system of control by exception

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"The class was great! The instructor was engaging, entertaining and very informative. Many of us have never managed people, so it was a bit difficult to simulate being a manager. But a dry run before the real deal is probably a good thing."
Sarah Malik
Senior Financial Analyst
Houston, Texas

"Leadership' means different things to different people. This class helped to clarify what 'Leadership' is so that everyone could start moving forward in the same direction with a similar purpose. "
Gordon Marr
Associate Director
Cincinnati, Ohio