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The Leadership Training Institute offers seminars that teach participants to confidently use proven methods of management leadership to lead people and help them plan, organize and control their work assignments. Seminar participants will also learn to use resources made available to them more effectively.

On-Site Seminars: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.

Seminar Objectives:

At the 90-day post-seminar assessment, participants will have:

  • Demonstrated (on the job) an understanding that the intuitive style of leadership (self-centered, directive) will only work in special circumstances and will have made noticeable improvement in working themselves toward a management leadership style (participatory, empowering)
  • Spent more time "leading and managing" and less time "doing"
  • Used the action planning process to plan and implement at least one important initiative that has a positive impact on business results
  • Used the decision-making technique on the job to arrive at sound decisions that have or will have a positive impact on business results
  • Demonstrated greater ability to function in teamwork situations
  • Developed and successfully used a system of control by exception

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Management Seminars - The Critical Importance of Attention to Detail

When you create a sensitivity to the unexplained, unclear, silent and seemingly innocuous in your workplace, you find out more. This works especially well when you get to know people, because you sense an off-day and become aware. You are not necessarily doing anything to start with. It's just something you notice, log and perhaps raise later where it needs it. Having this innate sensitivity is very useful as you become and evolve as a manager.

When it comes to 'things' your sensitivity can be very valuable too. That unlabelled, seemingly empty box can be valuable product that goes out of date soon. It could be a time-sensitive audit that's been sitting on someone's desk for a while. It might be a wall that looks a little out of line or a machine that sounds a little unusual.

There are many, many opportunities to sharpen your management awareness, in all shapes and forms, depending on what industry you are in. It's a talent that can be practiced by review after events as well as listening to the comments of your people and following through.

Sensitivity and attention to detail are management skills that take little time and yet can be very valuable in the returns they provide, in efficient and effective uses of your time. Often any time invested here can be easily shown to be some of the most value-creating time you ever spent.

This is all about noticing and then gently investigating, through questioning and listening (those so valuable management coaching skills that you learn), to focus in many situations where you need to know more - as well as raise the awareness of your team about the issue - and that you know!

How's that audit coming along?' 'What's this here?' 'What's in that box?' 'Who is dealing with this right now?' 'When is product 'x' due in next'?

Being curious about things is almost as valuable as being curious about your people, important though that is. Because 'things' give clues about the attention to detail of others, who have responsibilities that might not be as sharp as yours - in fact, they might not be as sharp as they need to be.

Not only will you learn much, your people will know that you are sharp too and through that, their own awareness and attention to detail will get much better. Funny, over a short period of time, not only will the number of empty, unlabelled boxes drop dramatically, but those that linger, you can bet your people will know all about them!

Source: Martin Haworth link

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