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Leadership Training Skills Courses in Ontario

Province of Ontario -
The Leadership Training Institute teaches participants to confidently use proven methods of management leadership to lead people and help them plan, organize and control their work assignments. They will learn to use resources made available to them more effectively.

Leadership Training Skills in , Ontario

Participants will be more successful in achieving the results for which they are accountable and contribute to positive business results.

The successful outcomes of this workshop will be demonstrated by the participants' success in achieving performance development objectives. Participants are re-evaluated at a 90-day post-workshop self-assessment. This post-workshop assessment ensures that goals from the workshop are not only met but are being used on a continued basis. After attending our Leadership Skills Workshop, you can be assured that you will confidentially lead in a superior fashion.

On-Site Training in , Ontario : can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.

Objectives for the , Ontario leadership training program:

At the 90-day post-workshop assessment, participants will have:

  • Demonstrated (on the job) an understanding that the intuitive style of leadership (self-centered, directive) will only work in special circumstances and will have made noticeable improvement in working themselves toward a management leadership style (participatory, empowering)
  • Spent more time "leading and managing" and less time "doing"
  • Used the action planning process to plan and implement at least one important initiative that has a positive impact on business results
  • Used the decision-making technique on the job to arrive at sound decisions that have or will have a positive impact on business results
  • Demonstrated greater ability to function in teamwork situations
  • Developed and successfully used a system of control by exception

Ontario: Ottawa,Hamilton, and Kingston


As the national capital of Canada, Ottawa is much more than just a beautiful city. Located on the banks of the Ottawa River and Rideau Canal, Ottawa offers visitors a combination of national pride, a union of French and English culture and plenty of Canadiana throughout the streets of the city. For both international and Canadian visitors, Ottawa is a lively and spectacular city.


The City of Hamilton is a rare marriage of topography and human settlement, one of a handful of urban centres in North America that are tiered and encircle a bay of significant size to serve as an international port. It is the area�s unique natural architecture that has contributed in great measure to the formation of a distinct regional character and heritage


The City of Kingston is renowned as the fresh-water sailing capital of North America and prides itself in being a major port for scenic entertainment cruises of the breathtaking Thousand Islands. Culture and the arts abound, along with fabulous shopping, dining and outdoor recreational experiences.

Leadership Skills Training Seminars in Ontario

Ottawa, Hamilton, Kingston, Toronto, Burlington, Guelph, Niagara Falls, and London