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  • Leadership Training Skills Courses in Massachusetts

    State of Massachusetts - Beverly, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, East Boston, Leominster, Lowell, Malden, Marshfield, Milford, Milton, New Bedford, Norwood, Southboro, Springfield, Weymouth and Worcester.
    The Leadership Training Institute teaches participants to confidently use proven methods of management leadership to lead people and help them plan, organize and control their work assignments. They will learn to use resources made available to them more effectively.

    Leadership Training Skills in Boston, Massachusetts

    Participants will be more successful in achieving the results for which they are accountable and contribute to positive business results.

    The successful outcomes of this workshop will be demonstrated by the participants' success in achieving performance development objectives. Participants are re-evaluated at a 90-day post-workshop self-assessment. This post-workshop assessment ensures that goals from the workshop are not only met but are being used on a continued basis. After attending our Leadership Skills Workshop, you can be assured that you will confidentially lead in a superior fashion.

    On-Site Training in Boston, Massachusetts : can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.

    Objectives for the Boston, Massachusetts leadership training program:

    At the 90-day post-workshop assessment, participants will have:

    • Demonstrated (on the job) an understanding that the intuitive style of leadership (self-centered, directive) will only work in special circumstances and will have made noticeable improvement in working themselves toward a management leadership style (participatory, empowering)
    • Spent more time "leading and managing" and less time "doing"
    • Used the action planning process to plan and implement at least one important initiative that has a positive impact on business results
    • Used the decision-making technique on the job to arrive at sound decisions that have or will have a positive impact on business results
    • Demonstrated greater ability to function in teamwork situations
    • Developed and successfully used a system of control by exception

    Massachusetts: Boston, Cambridge, and Lowell


    Boston a city rich in historic beauty is an easy city to get around in on foot. Most of the major attractions are with in a four mile radius or less. Boston offers the usual venue of professional sports, museums, seafood and Irish and Italian cuisine while offering even the casual tourist an opportunity to look back in time and see the foundation for the American Revolution. If you are interested in business opportunities in Boston please check out the Boston Chamber of Commerce�s web site and settle in for an enjoyable experience. http://www.bostonchamber.com/



    Cambridge was settled in 1630 by a group from the Massachusetts Bay Company. Originally called "Newtowne," it was incorporated as a town in 1636 and became a city in 1846 by uniting the three villages of Old Cambridge, Cambridgeport and East Cambridge. The name "Cambridge" was selected by the General Court because many of the men had attended Cambridge University in England and thought it would be an appropriate name for a college town in New England.


    Like many older American cities, Lowell has weathered significant economic change through much of the 20th century. By the 1980's, the city was experiencing a resurgence during the prevailing technological boom, as new companies began producing minicomputers, computer workstations, and plastics. This boom, coupled with the generous spirit of the city, welcomed a wave of newcomers from Southeast Asia, which provided a ready work force in an expanding economy.

    Sales Training Seminars in Massachusetts

    Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, New Bedford, Springfield, and Worcester