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  • Leadership Training Skills Class
    After attending our Leadership Skills Class, you can be assured that you will confidentially lead in a superior fashion.
  • Managing People Class
    The Leadership Training Institute's Managing People class is a two-day class whose focus is simple. The Institute provides practical tools for personal growth to help participants better serve the internal and external customer and get results for the company.
  • Leadership Training for Sales
    Leadership Training for Sales is a one (1) day class specifically designed to give Sales Managers the tools to make the most of their day-to-day interactions with their subordinates.
  • Management Leadership Skills
    Our Management Leadership Skills class increases job satisfaction and allows their team members and subordinates to reach their performance goals.
  • Dealing with Difficult People Class
    How do you handle someone who constantly interrupts you? Or who accuses you of being unreliable or incompetent? Or who tries to make you feel guilty? Or who threatens you with dire consequences unless you give in? How do you communicate with someone who uses false, phony, or confusing information? Someone who leads you to believe you have an agreement, only to make yet another last-minute demand or request? Or who drags his feet endlessly? Or who just plain refuses to work with you or others? Or who boasts endlessly, or is passive aggressive, or shouts and yells?
  • Managing Organizational Change Class
    Managing Organizational Change is a highly interactive course designed to give employees the skills and tools needed to successfully make the transition from the "old" organization to the "new."

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