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Leadership Training and Development OptionsYou are standing on the deck of your boat in the middle of the vast ocean. This is an entirely new experience to you. The ocean has always been that blue area on the map, never a reality. Now you are in command and racing towards the leadership training and development.

All of a sudden the boat hits a swell and you fall into the water. There is no one around and you are faced with two leadership training and development: either you sink or you swim. This is similar to most leadership situations that you face. You are in new territory that you may have only seen or heard about before.

In aircraft maintenance there are always new guys coming from another base where they worked on different types of airplanes. These guys all have the potential to be very good mechanics and many have great natural leadership training and development.

As with anything new, there is a learning curve. This is the time where you learn the norms of your new role or job. Other experienced mechanics take for granted that they too were once new. They expect everyone to just know what they know. They are very apprehensive to show new people how to do something and expect them to figure it out on their own. In other words, they feel that you need to have leadership training and development and either you sink or you swim!

People do not know how to be on a team and that their role changes as the team changes. Each new member means that there are new dynamics and you may now be the team leader. The leadership training and development that I just shared with you is not isolated only to where I work. The same type of thing happens everywhere.

I do not want to see if you sink or swim; I want to give you a powerful tool to guide you. This tool is my leadership training and development continuum and it has fundamental steps, and can be adapted to fit any situation but is best for leading groups.

Those that have difficulty leading only one other person or even just themselves will surely struggle when leading a group of people. There is nothing wrong if you are not ready to move up, you still may need to practice being a leadership training and development and one-on-one leaders some more.

Make sure that you do not hold yourself back because you are comfortable and are happy right where you are. We all have the leadership training and development to be great leaders, what some lack is the desire. These following steps are for those that are ready for new challenges.

Congratulations! If you are still reading that means that you gave yourself the kick in the butt that you needed to be challenged and expand your leadership training and development. As you can see each new level builds on the one prior. The rules all stay the same as you move up to the next level it is just that now you get to learn some new ones. You will always be a good one-on-one leader; in fact those that become great team leaders are even better at working with others one-on-one.

There are many new challenges when dealing with groups and this tool help you to conquer them. Leadership is not something that is done once then there is no need for it after that, it is a continuous circle. This leadership training and development concept is designed for any level of group leadership and by applying these principles you can lead a group of any size.